2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee – User Review

*first off the disclaimers – I am not paid to write this review.
2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee User Review..
@ 1112 miles


Pros : 

  • Amazing transmission .
  • Shifts when you expect it.
  • Dare i say it on a jeep.. Great mpg on the V6 atleast.
  • Interiors are done very wll, nothing feels tacky.
  • the new larger uconnect is ok.
  • Love the lcd screen in the center of the Dash.

What could be better :

  • For a vehicle priced this much could have a better sound system, sound quality feels average. maybe jeep can fix with a software update !
  • Was wishing the sound stage was higher than it is.
  • the Uconnect screen could do with a higher resolution to keep up with the rest of the quality interiors.
  • the suspensions feels a little bouncy, probably needs more damping.
  • Would love to have traffic overlay on Uconnect Nav, like google maps does instead of sirius xm traffic.
  • the paint coating on the voice activation buttons are easily scuffed off with nails.

<<UPDATE 04/23/2013 >>

Uconnect head Unit is bricked, pissed off. Dealer is shipping new head unit from Chrysler. Like posted in the other thread Chrysler/Dealer is replacing the entire Head Unit !!!
8PM EST 04/24/2013
Symptoms :
“Phone Requires Service Message pops up”
“GPS Unit showing wrong location on NAV”
“Compass pointing in the wrong direction”

@3500 miles –
Head units fixed for a while and humming along.Thanks Chrysler! No issues

@4000 miles – the rear tail light conked out, waiting on part to be shipped.
wasnt a part problem was a software update needed , go figure.

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