My old blog was hacked with a referer redirect bug, so redoing this with a little bit more of a hardened server.

All my old visual recognition tutorials are still available on youtube if thats why you are here.

Having said that – Sundara J here, Software Engr. by profession guess a blog is not complete without a few words about me..so here goes (blog take 4)

Love to

  • Read
  • Mountain Bike
  • Hike
  • Code
  • Tinker with stuff

My life seems to go in phases and last few years have been experimenting with vision recognition, control algorithms, anything to do with translating software interaction to the physical world.


Being outdoors and in the woods is my second passion, being in Virginia theres no shortage of wooded areas for mountain biking and hiking, love the green stuff ..

Lately been thinking have gathered too many hobbies along the years. With the family finding less and less time for flights of fantasy.

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